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Natural green diamonds are a fascinating and rare category of colored diamonds. Their green color is caused by exposure to natural radiation over millions of years during their formation process. Green diamonds can exhibit a wide range of hues, read all about the hues & secondary colors here

Green diamonds are known for their unique and captivating beauty. The color tone is warm, vibrant, and captivating. The green hue can be and should be evenly distributed throughout the diamond, resulting in a mesmerizing play of color and light. 

Green diamonds are the hardest diamond to cut because of their unique crystal structure and color. The green color in diamonds is caused by natural radiation, which causes distortions and defects in the crystal lattice. This makes green diamonds extremely difficult to cut and polish because of their inherent flaws making the diamond more brittle and prone to fracturing than other diamonds due to their internal flaws during the manufacturing process.

In order to successfully cut and polish a green diamond, a highly skilled diamond cutter must carefully analyze the stone's structure and plan the cutting process accordingly, taking into account the stone's unique flaws and color distribution. It can take many months or even years to cut and polish a single green diamond to achieve maximum brilliance and beauty, making them some of the most valuable and rare gems in the world.

Due to their rarity and distinctiveness, green diamonds are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The scarcity of natural green diamonds contributes to their high value and makes them prized possessions in the world of gemstones. The most valuable green diamonds are those with GIA Certified Fancy Intense or Vivid Green (without any secondary colors), and even more exclusive a green with high clarity. 

Recently, there has been a huge demand in natural green diamonds. Due to Ben Affleck proposing to Jennifer Lopez with an 8 Carat  Green Diamond Cushion. Read all about what we think about the ring here!

The rarest green diamonds are those with intense and vivid green colors, free from any secondary hues or undertones. Among the rarest green diamonds are the "Fancy Vivid Green" diamonds, which exhibit the highest level of color saturation and are extremely scarce. These diamonds are highly sought after and command premium prices in the market.

Green diamonds can become more affordable and attainable wearable in fun everyday jewelry pieces when combined with overtones such as yellow-green diamonds. See color chart below made by the GIA. The lightest shade being faint and going all the way up to vivid yellow-green. 


Green Diamond Hues GIA


One of the most famous and valuable green diamonds is the Dresden Green Diamond. It is a historic diamond with a rare, intense green color, and it weighs approximately 41 carats. The Dresden Green Diamond is showcased in the Dresden Castle in Germany and is regarded as one of the most unique green diamonds in the world.

Dresden Green Diamond

Photo Credit: HashTag Legend

Another notable green diamond is the Aurora Green Diamond. It is a vivid green diamond weighing around 5.03 carats. The Aurora Green Diamond gained attention in 2016 when it was sold at Christies Auction for a record-breaking price of $16.8 Million over $3.3 million per carat. Highlighting the rarity and desirability of high-quality green diamonds. Since then we haven't seen another green like it come to any auction house. 

Aurora Green Diamond-Christies Auction House

Photo Credit: CHRISTIE'S 



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