What We Look For When Buying Diamonds!

We are very particular about the diamonds we add to our collection. Our top priority is ethical sourcing, closely followed by the diamond's beauty. We have a strong preference for diamonds that are skillfully cut, giving the impression of being larger than their actual carat size, and ensuring that all our diamonds display vivid colors and brilliance.

Furthermore, we ensure that any diamond we add to our collection is of great market value, which we can offer to our clients.

Factors we consider - 

  • Value - Being able to always stay competitive on our pricing. 
  • Diamond's brilliance - Regardless of what the GIA certificate say, the diamond must sine beautifully, and that's not alway the case.
  • Diamond's size - We try to focus primarily on diamond's that look bigger than their carat weight and are well-cut. Two diamonds weighing exactly the same carat weight can look very different in appearance.
  • Rarity - We try to source diamonds that are rare and difficult to find, so we have them available to offer them to our clients.
  • Ethical sourcing - We buy our diamonds from legitimate diamond mining and trading corporations. 
    What We Look For When Buying Diamonds!
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