Levels of Color: Natural Green Diamonds

Green Diamonds have a special charm to their color because it can be viewed differently in each individuals eyes. The intensity scale for green diamonds is similar to that of other colored diamonds, including yellow and blue diamonds. Let's dive into the amazing hues of green diamonds!

The color intensity of green diamonds can vary from faint green to fancy vivid, green with varying levels of saturation and vibrancy. The GIA may also consider secondary colors or modifying hues that can affect the overall appearance of the green color. 

The higher the intensity grade, the more vibrant and saturated the green hue is.

In terms of color hues, green diamonds can exhibit a range of variations. The primary hue is green, but green diamonds can also display secondary hues or modifying colors. These secondary colors can include yellow-green, blue-green, grayish-green, and brownish-green. Each combination of hue and secondary color creates a unique and distinct appearance, making each green diamond truly individual.

The specific number of color hues in green diamonds can be subjective and difficult to quantify. The variations in intensity, saturation, and secondary colors contribute to the diversity and beauty of green diamonds, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

green diamond color chart

Photo Credit: www.gia.edu
Levels of Color: Natural Green Diamonds
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