4ct Fancy Yellow Round Diamond Studs

4ct Fancy Yellow Round Diamond Studs

This style can be replicated in other sizes and price points. Please inquire with us for more info.

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  • 1.87 Carat Fancy Yellow Round Diamond
  • 1.96 Carat Fancy Yellow Round Diamond
  • Both VVS2 Clarity 
  • Excellent + Very Good Cutting
  • Surrounded by mosaic pave white diamonds
  • Handmade in NYC 
  • 2 GIA Certified fancy yellow diamonds

About this Diamond

These yellow diamond round studs stand out from the ordinary. Round fancy color diamonds are highly coveted due to their rarity resulting in a premium price point. You might wonder why this is the case.

Most of the yellow diamonds you come across, along with other fancy colored diamonds, are typically cut into radiant, cushion, or oval shapes, rather than round cuts. This preference among diamond cutters is primarily due to how round diamonds interact with facets, which can often cause them to appear lighter in color, unless the rough diamond material is exceptionally strong in color. Therefore, when you encounter fancy color round diamonds, you know you're looking at something exceptional with a truly remarkable color.

The uniqueness of these earrings lies in the fact that we have a matching pair of nearly 2-carat fancy yellow round diamonds. This makes them a one-of-a-kind addition, perfect for elevating your everyday look and infusing a burst of color into your jewelry collection.

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FREE Global Shipping & Returns in USA All of our diamonds are 100% natural and NOT treated, heated or enhanced in any way! All of our pieces come with GIA Certificates and/or appraisals.

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