1 Carat GIA Light Blue Pear Shape Diamond Ring

1 Carat GIA Light Blue Pear Shape Diamond Ring

This style can be replicated in other sizes and price points. Please inquire with us for more info.

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  • 1.01 Carat
  • GIA Light Blue
  • Pear Shape
  • VS2 Clarity
  • Excellent, Very Good cutting
  • No Fluorescence
  • Surrounded by natural pink round diamonds
  • Handmade in Platinum 
  • GIA Certified blue diamond
  • Ready to ship


About this Diamond

Blue and pink diamonds are equally rare and captivating. Blue diamonds acquire their extraordinary hue from the presence of boron over millions of years during their formation process. In contrast, pink diamonds are unique among fancy colored diamonds because their color results from the presence of an additional element. The origin of pink diamonds can be attributed to a structural irregularity in the carbon makeup, typically caused by immense pressure and heat over millions of years, resulting in a deformation in the diamond's crystal lattice.

This blue diamond ring encapsulates all that is playful and chic in the realm of fancy color diamonds. The dramatic interplay between the deep blue diamond and the sweet fancy pink diamond rounds has both a whimsy and elegance. It's the perfect piece to wear as a statement ring or incorporate into your everyday jewelry stack, whether as a signet-style ring or a stand-alone adornment.

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FREE Global Shipping & Returns in USA All of our diamonds are 100% natural and NOT treated, heated or enhanced in any way! All of our pieces come with GIA Certificates and/or appraisals.

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