1.5ct GIA Pink & Blue Diamond Ring

1.5ct GIA Pink & Blue Diamond Ring

This style can be replicated in other sizes and price points. Please inquire with us for more info.

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  • 0.51 Carat GIA Fancy Light Purplish Pink VS2 
  • 0.53 Carat GIA Light Blue I1 
  • 0.48 Carat of surrounding diamonds
  • Handmade in NYC 
  • Set in Platinum 
  • GIA Certified Diamonds

About this Diamond

This Rare Colors gorgeous pink and blue engagement ring is a true masterpiece that was painstakingly created to mesmerize anyone who sees it with its elegance and distinctive gemstone arrangement. The ring, which was handcrafted in the heart of New York City, exemplifies the highest caliber of craftsmanship and meticulousness.

A beautiful 0.51-carat fancy light purplish pink diamond with GIA certification serves as the ring's focal point. Its distinctive and delicate color oozes romance and charm. The diamond's clarity classification of VS2 guarantees that it is free of large inclusions that could reduce its brightness. It has been expertly cut and polished to highlight its inherent beauty.

Another GIA-certified 0.53-carat Light Blue diamond is positioned right next to the pink diamond. This diamond still has an exquisite color that provides a contrasting compliment to the purple-pink stone. The ring also has a lovely 0.48-carat halo of diamonds around it, along with the primary gemstones. These tiny diamonds are purposefully positioned to heighten the big stones' brilliance and produce an enticing play of light. The ring's overall brilliance and sophistication are enhanced by the gemstones' outstanding cut, color, and clarity.

Both the ring's setting and its jewels are outstanding. It is painstakingly made of invaluable platinum, a material prized for its sturdiness, purity, and classic charm. Platinum was chosen because it enhances the beauty of the diamonds while also guaranteeing the piece's durability. The two primary diamonds are each presented with a GIA certification, which ensures the diamonds' integrity, excellence, and specifications.

This engagement ring is sure to charm whoever receives it, be it the delicate coloring or the feminine charm it conveys. These pink and blue diamond engagement rings, expertly crafted with care to every last detail and radiating elegance and sophistication, are bound to be adored.

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