About Fancy Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are not the rarest color diamond but one of the most sought after because of the sweetness in color! Both for the enjoyment in the beauty of the color and investment value.

Pink diamonds come in a range of hues not only in straight pink but with secondary colors. They range from faint to vivid pink but also can have secondary hues of purple, orange, and brown in the color. When a pink diamond has secondary colors it has an impact on the value depending on the color. The more saturated and pure the color, the more valuable the diamond.

They are formed through the distortion of the diamond's crystal lattice structure, which causes the absorption of green light and results in the pink color.
You will not see many pink diamonds in a round or emerald cut because color diamonds are cut to  maximize the color of the diamond which is the most important factor of value so they are cut in fancy shapes, such as oval, pear, and heart shapes, to showcase their unique color and maximize their beauty. 

To learn more about the investment value of pink diamonds read all about it below!

Investing in Pink Diamonds