2.50ct Fancy Yellow Elongated Radiant VS2 Diamond - Loose

2.50ct Fancy Yellow Elongated Radiant VS2 Diamond - Loose

This style can be replicated in other sizes and price points. Please inquire with us for more info.

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  • 2.50 Carat
  • Fancy Yellow diamond, strong color
  • Elongated Radiant Cut
  • Excellent + Very Good cutting
  • 1.29:1 length-width ratio
  • VS2 Clarity 
  • GIA certified diamond
  • Faint Fluorescence

About this Diamond

Yellow diamonds draw you in with their vibrant yellow color, unique but elegant style and their attainability in price compared to any other fancy color diamond. The most important factor when purchasing you yellow diamond is what intensity of color creates your dream ring and how that is prioritized within your budget.

Yellow diamonds are graded on a scale from light yellow to fancy vivid yellow, with the intensity and purity of the color determining their value. 

This 2.5 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant is sweet in color and will stand out in any ring you create with us.

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FREE Global Shipping & Returns in USA All of our diamonds are 100% natural and NOT treated, heated or enhanced in any way! All of our pieces come with GIA Certificates and/or appraisals.

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