0.66ct GIA Fancy Intense Yellowish Green Diamond - Loose

0.66ct GIA Fancy Intense Yellowish Green Diamond - Loose

This style can be replicated in other sizes and price points. Please inquire with us for more info.

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  • 0.66 Carat GIA Fancy Intense Yellowish-Green
  • Cushion Cut Diamond 
  • VS2 Clarity 
  • Super Saturated Deep Green 
  • GIA Certified Diamond 

About this Diamond

When our diamond experts came across this diamond, its allure was undeniable. The color, a delightful blend of vibrancy and a genuine green with subtle yellowish tones, captivated us. What makes it even more extraordinary is its VS2 Clarity—a rarity among green diamonds, given the typical imperfections stemming from high radiation during formation beneath the Earth's surface. This green diamond promises an endless fascination and holds enduring value, making it an investment that transcends time. As time passes, its rarity is destined to only increase, elevating its significance further.

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