Fancy Color Diamonds

Never heard of a color diamond? At Rare Colors we offer a wide variety of rare colored diamonds and cuts. Take a moment to learn about the amazing rarities that nature has created and why they can be valuable to you.

Fancy color diamonds in popular opinion are the most mesmerizing category of the jewelry industry that captivate with their vibrant and vivid hues. Unlike traditional colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds display intense and distinct colors that range from yellow, blue, and pink to more rare and exotic hues like green, purple, and red. These diamonds achieve their stunning colors from the presence of certain chemical elements or structural abnormalities during their formation deep within the Earth's crust. For example; blue diamonds form when there is boron presence in the earths crust! The rarity and unique color combinations of fancy color diamonds make them some of the most desired diamonds by collectors, investors, and connoisseurs.

What sets fancy color diamonds apart is their remarkable diversity in color intensity, saturation, and distribution. Each fancy color diamond possesses its own individual color signature, resulting from the interplay of primary and secondary colors. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading authority in gemstone grading, evaluates fancy color diamonds based on the hue, tone, and saturation of their colors. Fun Fact: Pairing two fancy color diamonds together is a near impossible mission especially with rarer colors because diamonds can have the same GIA Color Grade but look completely different from on another.

These grading criteria help determine the rarity and value of each diamond, with the most intense and evenly distributed colors commanding the highest prices in the market.

Fancy color diamonds have a rich history and have adorned the jewelry of royalty and celebrities throughout the ages. They continue to capture the imagination of gem enthusiasts and serve as a symbol of luxury, elegance, and individuality. With their breathtaking colors and inherent rarity, fancy color diamonds are not only remarkable investments but also exquisite some of the most extraordinary diamonds to wear!