Importance of Secondary Colors

Secondary colors play a significant role in fancy color diamonds because they greatly affect the overall appearance and value of the diamond. While primary colors such fancy yellow, blue, and pink are highly sought after, the presence of secondary colors can enhance their beauty and desirability.

Here's why secondary colors are important in fancy color diamonds:

1. Rarity and uniqueness: Secondary colors add a distinct character to a fancy color diamond, making the color vary. For example many clients prefer Fancy Purplish Pink- Purplish being the secondary color over Fancy Pink because it brings a sweetness to the diamond we like to call "bubblegum color". 

2. Color modulation: Secondary colors can modify or influence the primary hue of a diamond, creating fascinating color combinations. For instance, a yellow diamond with a secondary hint of green or orange can display a more vibrant and intriguing appearance.

3. Color grading: The presence and intensity of secondary colors are considered crucial factors when grading fancy color diamonds. To break it down take a Fancy Brownish Pink; Meaning the diamond is 80% Pink with 20% Brown Hue. Typically, when you see a diamond with brown it brings depth into the stone not providing that bubblegum pink that is highly sought after.

There are many variations of every color diamond combination. Every color diamond; pink, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow , and so on can have up to four other colors on the report meaning endless variations. The interplay between the primary and secondary colors can significantly impact a diamond's grade.

4. Aesthetics and visual appeal: Secondary colors can add depth, contrast, and visual interest to a fancy color diamond. They create a more dynamic and captivating appearance, enhancing the stone's beauty and making it visually striking. Personally, one of my favorites besides Purplish Pink is Blue Green or Bluish Green. Visually it is like a Caribbean ocean color and absolutely stunning!


5. Market demand: Every year we see changes in demand at certain times collectors only want straight pink and at others there is more demand for purplish pink. The demand for fancy color diamonds with particular secondary colors can fluctuate over time. Some secondary colors may be highly sought after in certain periods, leading to increased value and demand for diamonds exhibiting those hues.

It's worth noting that the significance of secondary colors can vary depending on the specific color diamond and individual preferences. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a fancy color diamond is the visual beauty to you!