About Red Diamonds

Red diamonds get their color from the presence of a rare crystal distortion called plastic deformation, which causes the diamond to absorb green light and reflect red light, resulting in the beautiful red color.

The color of natural red diamonds can range from pinkish-red to deep blood red. The more intense and pure the red color of the diamond, the more valuable it is. Red diamonds are often cut in fancy shapes, such as pear, cushion, and radiant cuts, to showcase their unique color and maximize their beauty.

Most people you you will ask what is the rarest diamond and they will immediately say red...but it's not the rarest of them all! Violet diamonds come first and red comes second. Read about violet diamonds 

Due to their rarity and value, natural red diamonds can command extremely high prices at auction, with some of the most expensive red diamonds selling for tens of millions of dollars. The largest known red diamond is the 5.11-carat which sold for over $20 million at auction in 2001. There is no record of any other red diamond being larger than the 5.11. Most red diamonds we see are under 1.00 Carats.

Overall, natural red diamonds are an extremely rare and valuable type of diamond that offer a unique and special addition to any jewelry collection.