Pink Diamond Eternity Bands: Why Are They So Rare?

What is a pink diamond?

Pink diamonds are unlike other fancy colors because their color is derived from a compounding element. For example blue diamonds get their color from boron presence, yellow with nitrogen presence. Pink diamonds happen when there is a mis-alignment in the carbon make up in general terms, caused by immense pressure and heat over millions of years creating a deformation in the diamonds crystal lattice.

Why are Pink Diamonds so rare? 

Pink diamonds are exceptionally rare due to the geological conditions that create their unique color. Unlike other diamonds, pink diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's mantle where immense pressure and heat cause the crystal lattice of carbon atoms to distort. This distortion is what gives the pink color to the diamond, as it absorbs light in the green part of the spectrum. The rarity of pink diamonds is further exacerbated by the fact that only a small percentage of diamonds gain this pink hue during their formation process, making them a true natural wonder.

 Additionally, the limited number of mines around the world where pink diamonds are found adds to their scarcity, with the Argyle mine in Australia, which was one of the primary sources of pink diamonds, having closed in 2020, further driving up their rarity and value.


Where are Pink Diamonds found? 

Pink diamonds are commonly found in the Golconda mine in India which produces Type I and Type IIa/b diamonds. As well as Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Diavik mine in Canada. Most famously, most consistent, and the biggest supply of pink diamonds came from the Argyle Mine in Australia which, as previously mentioned, recently shut down in December of 2020.


What makes Pink Diamond eternity bands especially rare? 

Put simply, you can place 100 pink diamonds next to each other, and no matter what, none of the diamonds will be an exact color match. Even with the same GIA grading, each natural pink diamond in the world is unique and one of a kind. The same can be said with any colored diamond, which makes colored diamond eternity rings the ultimate novelty. 

The rarity of natural pink diamonds are the beauty but also the curse when making pink diamond jewelry. 

Learn more about what pink diamonds actually are, right here.

Pink Diamond Eternity Bands: Why Are They So Rare?
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Color Diamond Stackable Bands

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