July 2023 Sotheby's Auction Results

Fancy Colored diamonds once again at the forefront of the Sotheby's Important Jewel's auction, among the most valuable pieces sold. 

Fancy Colored Diamond Highlights:
2.58 carat fancy intense purplish pink pear shape VS2 clarity in a Cartier setting, sold for $1,250,000
Sotheby's 2.58 carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond
8.41 + 7.46 carat fancy intense yellow round brilliant matched pair VVS2 and internally flawless clarity set in earrings, sold for $423,000
Pair of Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendent Earrings 8.41 + 7.46
11.19 carat fancy intense yellow step cut VVS2 clarity set in 3 stone ring, sold for $293,000.
Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring | 11.19
6.45 carat faint pink emerald cut VVS2 clarity set in solitaire ring, sold for $244,000.
 Faint Pink Diamond Ring | 6.45
Photo Credits - Sothebys.com
Sotheby's Fancy colored diamonds auction results July 2023
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