What is a Type IIa Diamond?

Natural diamonds have various classifications based on their internal structures. Among these, Type IIa diamonds stand out for their exceptional purity and lack of nitrogen impurities. In this exploration, we'll get into what makes Type IIa diamonds unique, their value compared to other diamonds, and the array of colors they can exhibit.

What exactly is a Type IIa diamond?

Type IIa diamonds are a distinguished subcategory of diamonds, celebrated for their extreme purity within their crystal lattice. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies diamonds into different types based on their internal characteristics, and Type IIa diamonds are recognized for their rarity and visual transparency.

Type IIa diamonds have a "see-through" look to them, making them extra appealing to the eye.

type 2a diamond


Key Properties of Type IIa Diamonds

The defining feature of Type IIa diamonds is their exceptional purity. Unlike most diamonds, which contain nitrogen impurities, Type IIa diamonds are virtually free of such elements. This absence contributes to their remarkable transparency and lack of color, creating a crystal-clear appearance

Thanks to their lack of nitrogen, Type IIa diamonds exhibit extraordinary optical properties. They often display a higher level of brilliance and fire, making them a unique and visually striking choice.

type 2a diamond 

How Many Type IIa Diamonds Are There in the World? 

It is impossible to provide an exact number of Type IIa diamonds in the world because the availability and discovery of diamonds, including those of specific types, can vary over time. However, Type IIa diamonds are considered rare, comprising approximately 1-2% of all diamonds.

The scarcity of Type IIa diamonds contributes to their high value and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

Are Type IIa Diamonds More Valuable? 

When it comes to determining the value of Type IIa diamonds compared to other diamonds, several factors come into play. While rarity and purity contribute to their allure, other aspects such as carat weight, cut, and color also influence the overall value. Generally, Type IIa diamonds are considered more valuable due to their rarity and unique optical qualities. 

As mentioned previously, only less than 2% of diamonds worldwide are certified Type IIa. The rarity of these precious gems certainly drives up the value immensely.

Our 6 Carat Pink Type IIa Emerald Cut Diamond

Amongst our impressive collection of Fancy Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and White diamonds, is an especially valuable and standout diamond. 


internally flawless diamond



This is a 6 Carat GIA Certified 'Very Light Pink' Type IIa diamond, with Internally Flawless clarity. This diamond is special and extremely rare for so many reasons. 

See how this diamond embodies the transparency and magnificent charm of type IIa diamonds. Pink emerald cuts are also especially rare, given that emerald cuts are not usually the cut of choice with fancy color diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds tend to leak out color in the diamond, so diamond cutters avoid this shape. Therefore, when you see a natural fancy color emerald cut diamond, it is super special. 

On top of all that, this diamond has GIA Certified Internally Flawless clarity, adding all the more to this diamond's rarity and value, valuing this diamond at over $480,000.  

See below this diamond's impressive GIA certification.



pink emerald cut diamond internally flawless

 Type IIa Certifications


An authentic Type IIa diamond will come with a certified letter from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), attesting to the diamond's true purity and flawlessness. See the certification of our Rare Colors pink emerald cut Type IIa diamond below.

type iia diamond certification

pink emerald cut diamond
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