What are Black Diamonds? What is all the recent hype about?

In the world of colored diamonds, there's a dark, mysterious gemstone that has recently captured the imagination of jewelry enthusiasts and trendsetters alike: the enigmatic black diamond. Although they are a dark black and don't necessarily exhibit a vibrant hue like yellows, pinks, and other fancy colored diamonds, black diamonds are still entirely considered fancy colored diamonds. So, what exactly are black diamonds, and what is all the recent hype about? In this article, we'll delve into the captivating world of black diamonds and discuss the buzz surrounding them.

What are Black Diamonds? 

Black diamonds, sometimes known as carbonados, set themselves apart from the conventional white diamonds in several fascinating ways. While white diamonds are renowned for their clear, sparkling brilliance, black diamonds offer something different—a captivating, opaque black color that's intense and mysterious. This unique color comes from mineral inclusions, particularly graphite and sulfides, formed during their creation deep within the Earth's mantle.

Speaking of their origin, black diamonds are thought to form even deeper in the Earth's mantle compared to white diamonds. Natural black diamonds are marked by numerous fractures that become black due to a process known as graphitization. This journey through the Earth's mantle exposes them to incredibly high pressure and temperature, adding to their unusual characteristics.


Are Black Diamonds always Naturally Black? 

The simple answer is, no. Coming by a natural black diamond is actually quite rare. According to experts, about 90% of black diamonds on the market are heat-treated. But, that is not to say that black diamonds are nowhere to be found. Natural black diamonds typically are completely opaque, with a sheen that gives the diamonds an almost metallic appearance. Because black diamonds are so included, cutting and polishing them can be tricky. 

uncut black diamond


Rough Natural Black Diamonds Before Polishing and Cutting

Are Black Diamonds More Expensive? 

Natural black diamonds are indeed a more budget-friendly option in the world of colored diamonds. This is primarily due to their extremely dark and ominous color, which may not be as universally appealing as the sparkling clarity of white diamonds or the vibrant hues of other colored diamonds. For those looking for an even more budget-friendly choice,  heat-treated black diamonds are even lower priced. These diamonds are typically natural diamonds that have undergone a heat treatment process to enhance their color.


The Rise in Popularity of Black Diamonds

Consumers had little interest in black diamonds until the late 1980s and 1990s, when designers started using them in jewelry, especially contrasting them with tiny white diamonds in pavé settings. 

The popularity of black diamonds has been significantly boosted by various celebrities who have embraced these dark and edgy gems. From engagement rings to statement necklaces, stars like Carmen Electra and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted flaunting stunning black diamond jewelry. These high-profile endorsements have played a crucial role in bringing black diamonds into the mainstream.

Below is Sarah Jessica Parker's character from Sex and The City, Carrie's black diamond engagement ring she received on the series!


carrie bradshaw engagement ring, black diamonds, black diamond ring


Some of The World's Most Famous Black Diamonds


the black orloff, black diamond, famous black diamond


The Black Orlov, a 67.50 Carat Natural Black Diamond
Photo Courtesy of GIA.edu 


amsterdam black diamond, natural black diamond, black diamonds

The Black Amsterdam Diamond, a 33.74 Carat Natural Black Diamond
Photo Courtesy of Christie's


rembrandt black diamond, natural black diamond, famous black diamond

The Black Rembrandt Diamond, a 42.27 Carat Natural Black Diamond
Photo Courtesy of Christie's


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What are Black Diamonds? What is all the recent hype about?
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