Diamond Worth Unveiled: How Much Are Diamonds Really Worth?

Knowing the exact worth of a diamond can be quite tricky because of lots of varying factors. Factors like the diamond's weight, color, and other characteristics make their prices vary in different shops. Suppose you are thinking of getting a pink diamond engagement ring, and you want to know the true value of such a precious item before making any commitment; then you've come to the right page. 

Here, we have written on various factors that affect the worth of diamonds and how you can calculate your diamond's worth. We will also talk about the measures you can take to avoid buying a fake diamond and where you can go to get quality diamonds. So read on.


What Factors Determine the Worth of Diamonds?

A diamond's worth is primarily determined by the 4 C's of the diamond, which are the cut, clarity, color, and carat. If you are buying at the wholesale price, it will be determined first by their size range(like 1.50ct-2.00ct) and then their shape. The price is multiplied by the diamond's specific weight.

The other characteristics that affect the price are the diamonds' cut, fluorescence, imperfection type, and so on. For instance, the price of a one-carat diamond can range between $1,600 to over $15,000 for a properly cut high-quality diamond, while a two-carat diamond price can be as low as $5000 and as high as $85,000 because of its cut, clarity, shape, and color grade.

This shows that a diamond can be worth 10 times more than other diamonds that have the same carat weight. The higher the carat weight or better the 4 C's of the diamond, the higher the worth. That means you'll have to pay more money to buy a high-quality diamond.

However, don't assume that you can't get a quality diamond for a fair price. You can achieve that if you focus more on paying for the factors that affect the appearance of the diamond and leaving out the factors that don't.


Can a Diamond Price Calculator Help Assess the Worth of a Diamond?

Sometimes calculating the exact worth of a diamond is so complicated. However, some online vendors have created diamond price calculators to help with estimating a diamond's worth.

By adjusting the calculator to the various visible features of the diamond you are buying, you can get an estimated worth of the diamond. However, some of these diamond price calculators are not as accurate as they should be.

This is because these calculators do not have the features to measure certain intrinsic details of the diamond that are important in its pricing. For instance, if there are two diamonds with the same rating, the one that's eye-clean will be priced higher than the one that's dull or with an inclusion that's ugly at its center.

Also, two similar diamonds with the same cut quality can have a huge difference in their light performance and optimal precision. If you are not aware of the complete details, it'll be hard to get the exact value, and you may just have to unthinkingly go with what the calculator's grading report says.

As such, if you are new to diamonds and have no idea whatsoever how to calculate their worth, the best and simplest way is to compare like-for-like diamonds. You can do that by checking different online stores or using several retail stores close to you. 

Basic Rules that Should Guide You When Purchasing a Diamond

There are two things to focus on while you purchase your diamonds. First is the retailer that gives the best value, and then, getting the specific diamond that is quality for your money. However, before discussing the worth of a diamond with a retailer, you should know exactly what you want to ensure you get what you pay for.

You must ensure the following are in place to avoid being cheated:

  • Certification: This is very important in buying a diamond, especially if you are spending over a thousand dollars. Why you should buy a diamond with a certificate is to relieve you from any worry of being cheated. Such a certificate is given by the GIA laboratory, which is the gold standard for any diamond industry

  • Quality: Before buying any diamond, you must understand the qualities listed on their certificate and how they can help you make the right choice. We already talked about the 4 C's earlier that determine how a diamond is priced. If you get confused trying to balance the different qualities and sizes of the diamonds, you should contact a diamond specialist to guide you in your decision-making.

  • Pricing: Just like any other industry, the diamond market has its ups and downs. Therefore, inflation in the global market will also affect the present worth of diamonds. As such, you may be getting your diamond at the market price as dictated by the current economic value in the diamond market. Or, you may be getting it at a deal. However, you can figure out a good price by window shopping in various stores. And with their different prices, you'll be able to determine the average cost and where exactly you should shop from.

A diamond's worth may be quite difficult to determine without professional help, but by having detailed information about the qualities and factors that contribute to its value, you can figure it out. 

Shop from a reliable jeweler. Doing so will ultimately put your mind at rest, knowing fully well that you can always count on their reputation. You can find quality and genuine jewelry at our store here;  https://rarecolors.net/collections/pink-diamond-rings.

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Diamond Worth Unveiled: How Much Are Diamonds Really Worth?
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