Custom Making Your Diamond Eternity Band at Rare Colors

When it comes to expressing everlasting love and devotion, few choices are as radiant and symbolic as a yellow diamond eternity band. The process of custom-making such a masterpiece involves several careful steps, from selecting the right diamonds and settings to deciding on the perfect combination of hues and designs. At Rare Colors, we deal with custom eternity bands on a daily basis, and we will have your order ready in the matter of a few weeks. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating journey of creating a bespoke diamond eternity band, exploring options like GIA certified diamonds, bezel settings, alternating yellow and white diamonds, and the art of getting the ring to fit perfectly in your stack.

Choosing The Perfect Diamonds

The first crucial decision in crafting a yellow diamond eternity band is choosing the diamonds themselves. Opting for Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds ensures not only the authenticity of the stones but also a reliable and globally recognized grading of their quality. GIA certification provides information about the diamond's color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, giving you confidence in the value and authenticity of your chosen gems.

However, some prefer the allure of, still 100% natural, non-certified diamonds, allowing for more flexibility in budget and a potentially wider range of unique stones. It's essential to work closely with a trusted jeweler who can provide expert guidance on selecting high-quality diamonds, whether certified or not.


GIA Certified emerald cut diamond eternity band


Crafting a GIA certified eternity band is executed extremely carefully, ensured by the microscopic number inscription on every diamond. 

Choosing Your Diamond Cut

There are endless possibilities regarding the shape you can choose for your eternity band. Coming up are some bands we've crafted in various shapes for our clients:



yellow oval diamond eternity band


Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Band
pear shape diamond eternity band
Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band

asscher cut diamond eternity band


 Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

heart shape diamonds


 Heart Shape Diamond Eternity Band

Choosing the Perfect Metal

Enhancing the natural yellow hue of the diamonds requires careful consideration of the setting. Bezel settings, where a thin metal rim encircles each diamond, are an excellent choice for a yellow diamond eternity band. This not only provides extra security for the stones but also creates a seamless and modern look, allowing each radiant diamond to stand out.

bezel set eternity band


Choosing yellow gold for the band further amplifies the warmth of the yellow diamonds. Yellow gold complements the stones, creating a cohesive and stunning piece of jewelry. The richness of the gold serves as the perfect canvas, allowing the diamonds to shine in all their golden glory.

Alternating Elegance: Yellow and White Diamonds

For a touch of sophistication and contrast, consider the option of alternating yellow and white diamonds in your eternity band. This design choice adds a dynamic and eye-catching element to the ring, showcasing the brilliance of both yellow and white diamonds. The result is a striking piece that combines tradition with a contemporary twist. 

Alternating eternity bands, tennis bracelets, and tennis necklaces are a classic look of ours. Here is an alternating band we've made recently for a client: 

alternating yellow and white diamond eternity band


It is also an option to opt for half yellow and half white bands giving you two looks in one. This design is our favorite to pair perfectly with your yellow diamond three stone ring with white side stones!


diamond eternity bands with half yellow and half diamonds in different diamond cuts


Proper Sizing and Diamond Count

Crafting a custom yellow diamond eternity band involves finding the right balance between size and the number of diamonds. The size of the ring should be comfortable and secure, ensuring it fits snugly on the finger. Work closely with your jeweler to determine the appropriate size, considering factors like finger shape and lifestyle.

The number of diamonds in the eternity band is a personal choice. Some prefer a band with diamonds encircling the entire circumference, symbolizing unending love. Others may opt for a half-eternity band for a more subtle yet equally stunning look. Your jeweler can guide you in finding the ideal balance between design preferences and practicality.


Opting for a Half Eternity Band

For those who prefer a more understated design, a half eternity band may be the perfect choice. In this design, diamonds span halfway across the band, creating a captivating yet more subdued look. This option combines the symbolism of eternal love with practicality, offering a comfortable fit and allowing for resizing if needed. The half eternity band is an excellent compromise between a fully adorned ring and a more minimalist aesthetic, catering to those who appreciate subtlety and elegance in their jewelry.


half eternity band


East to West: Maximizing Spread with Fewer Diamonds

To further enhance the visual impact of your yellow diamond eternity band, consider the unconventional approach of setting the diamonds from east to west instead of the traditional north to south. This arrangement allows for more spread, creating a distinctive and eye-catching look while using fewer diamonds. The east-to-west setting maximizes the surface area covered by each diamond, emphasizing their brilliance and giving the band a unique and modern flair.

 eternity band with diamonds set east to west



Opting for a Unique Pop of Color Design


heart shape diamond eternity band


For a truly distinctive touch, consider Rare Colors' option of an all-white diamond eternity band with a singular pop of color in the center. This design adds vibrancy to the classic white diamond setting, with the central colored diamond becoming a focal point of uniqueness and personal expression. Let our diamond experts guide you through this creative journey, breaking away from tradition while maintaining the timeless elegance of an eternity band.


In conclusion, your journey to a custom yellow diamond eternity band with Rare Colors is a collaborative experience, marrying expertise with personal expression. Embark on this extraordinary journey with us, and together, we'll create a piece of jewelry that not only reflects the brilliance of your love but also encapsulates your unique story.

Custom Making Your Diamond Eternity Band at Rare Colors
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