Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace and Bracelet Set

Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace and Bracelet Set

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        Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace and Bracelet Set

  • Featuring 55 GIA Certified Fancy Pink Diamonds 
  • Pink Diamond Total Weight 8.46 Carats 
  • 140 natural white diamonds totaling 13.20 carats
  • The center pendant is not included
  • Total Necklace Carat Weight is 21.66
  • Handmade in 18 karat gold


About this Diamond

This magnificent Rare Colors jewelry set is a true masterpiece that elegantly blends rarity and elegance.  The pink diamond necklace, the highlight of this set, is encrusted with 55 exquisite GIA-certified Fancy Pink Diamonds. These diamonds are extremely rare and highly sought after because each one has a distinct color and intensity. The exquisite pink diamonds weigh an astonishing 8.46 carats in total, guaranteeing a dazzling display of color and brightness.

140 genuine white diamonds were carefully chosen to complement the 140 vivid pink diamonds and to uphold the elegance and beauty of the set. These 13.20 carats of white diamonds are painstakingly set in order to harmoniously contrast with the vibrant pink stones. The set is further accentuated by its remarkable clarity and shine, making each movement more dazzling.

The pink diamonds necklace weighs 21.66 carats in total, making it a genuine work of art on its own. Its aesthetic is a harmonious blend of striking elegance and fine craftsmanship. Even without the center pendant, the magnificent arrangement of pink and white diamonds that hangs smoothly around the wearer's neck makes the necklace a show-stopper. This pink diamond choker necklace will continue to be a prized heirloom for many years since the diamonds are expertly positioned to enhance their brilliance and fire.

This set also includes a bracelet with a perfect combination of pink and white diamonds that mirrors the necklace's grandeur. When the two pieces are worn together, their complementary designs provide a sense of harmony and balance. The bracelet is a statement piece that goes with any outfit and event because of its detailed pattern, which highlights the care that went into its creation.

In conclusion, the elegance, rarity, and artistry are celebrated in this necklace and bracelet combination. This pink diamond necklace set embodies the pinnacle of exquisite jewelry with its 55 GIA Fancy Pink Diamonds weighing a combined 8.46 carats, 140 natural white diamonds weighing 13.20 carats, and a total necklace carat weight of 21.66 carats. It's a purchase that will add value and beauty, and it will be loved as a mark of elegance and originality.

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