About Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are a rare and vibrant type of natural fancy color diamond that are highly sought after for their beautiful color and rarity. Orange diamonds get their color from the presence of nitrogen atoms in their crystal structure, which causes the diamond to absorb blue light and reflect orange light, resulting in the beautiful orange color.

Orange diamonds come in a range of shades, from light orange to deep brownish-orange hues. The more intense and pure the orange color of the diamond, the more valuable it is. I would say these are a collector's item of a person who truly appreciated the rarity of this color since not everyone purely enjoys the color orange.

The rarity and unique color, orange diamonds can command high prices at auction, with some of the most expensive orange diamonds selling for millions of dollars. One of the most famous orange diamonds is the 14.82-carat "Pumpkin Diamond," which sold for over $3 million at auction in 1997.