Most Expensive Fancy Color Diamond Shapes

When it comes to diamond purchases, the brilliant round cut is renowned for its high price due to its immense popularity. However, in the world of Fancy Color Diamonds, round cuts not only command the highest price but also stand as the rarest among them all. 

When skilled cutters work on fancy color diamonds, their ultimate objective is to unveil the diamond's most captivating hues, thereby increasing its value. The reason behind the exorbitant prices of round diamonds lies in the challenging nature of achieving maximum color display during the cutting process. In contrast, radiant cuts excel in showcasing intense color saturation, making them a preferred choice. Hence, a round fancy color diamond that exhibits exceptional color becomes an extraordinary rarity, often sought after by private collectors and esteemed jewelry houses.

Following closely behind are the emerald and asscher cuts, also due to their limited number of facets. These cuts pose a greater challenge for diamond cutters to maximize color display, unless the diamond rough possesses remarkably strong material properties. In most cases, when faced with the choice between an emerald cut and a radiant cut, the cutter opts for the radiant cut due to its ability to exhibit maximum color regardless of the color grading. Consequently, when encountering emerald and asscher cuts in fancy color diamonds, their remarkable rarity and elevated value stem from the achievement of vibrant, intense color that captivates the senses.