Learn About Fancy Colors


Natural pink diamonds gain their appearance from subtle alignment changes in the carbon atoms of the diamond. Pink’s are some of the most sought after fancy colors because of their sweetness in color. Especially, when the diamonds originate from the Argyle Mine in Australia.


Natural yellow diamonds are created by the element nitrogen that has been captured in the carbon structure during the development of the diamond in earth’s surface. When purchasing a yellow diamond you want it to be a sweet, bright lemon color!


Natural blue diamonds are caused by the element boron caught in the carbon structure. Depending on the amount of boron and the position in the carbon, the diamond can appear sky blue to deep blue like the ocean.


Natural green diamonds “sleep” for eons next to a radioactive element called uranium which alters the atomic structure making the diamond appear green. Green diamonds are a symbol of nature and symbolize growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.


Natural red diamonds are unarguably the rarest gem in the world. It contains zero impurities; they’re actually all pure carbon. Found mostly in Africa and Brazil, red diamonds are so rare that there are roughly only 20-30 Fancy Red in existence. Majority of them are less than a carat in size.


Similar to natural pure fancy purple diamonds, natural pure violet diamonds are exceedingly rare, they are arguably even rarer than purple diamonds and are seldom found in sizes larger than 1.00 carat. In fact, fancy violet diamonds are typically very small, routinely ranging from 0.10 carat to approximately 0.30 carat.


Natural orange diamonds are formed when the nitrogen atoms are grouped in a hyper specific way while the diamonds are being formed. Straight Fancy Orange diamonds are very rare especially in larger sizes. When an orange diamond has a yellowish overtone it has the power to make the coveted diamond more affordable.


Natural purple diamonds are caused by an unusually high presence of hydrogen when the diamond is being formed. There is a big difference between purple diamonds and violet diamonds. Violet diamonds are much more uncommon than purple, and these color words are not interchangeable.


Natural fancy gray diamonds are caused by high amounts of hydrogen and baron present when the diamond is formed. In our inventory you will commonly find fancy gray/grayish blue diamonds making them more attainable.


Natural brown diamonds are created when there is a presence of nickel and lattice (associated with plastic deformation). Brown diamonds are most commonly known as Champagne diamonds.


These stunning Diamonds are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. There are numerous shapes like the Round Brilliant Cut, Princess, Oval, Pear, Heart, Trillian, Triangle, and Marquise Shape. Some have rounded edges, others have sharp corners, and there are shapes that are vastly common, and others that are rare and unusual. Some shapes are well-known for their geometrical or symmetrical properties. And others are loved because they exhibits extra sparkle.