All About Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence is a common characteristic of diamonds that can impact their appearance and value. It is the visible light that some diamonds emit when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Fluorescence can range from none (no visible reaction to UV light) to strong (a noticeable and distinct color change under UV light). The most common fluorescence color is blue, but other colors like yellow, green, and white are also possible.

While fluorescence can have an impact on a diamond's appearance, it is not necessarily a negative characteristic. Fancy color diamonds having fluoresce in the diamond can actually improve the color grade making the diamond more vibrant without the consequence of having a hazy tint to the diamond.

It's important to note that fluorescence does not directly affect a diamond's clarity or color grade. However, diamonds with strong fluorescence may receive lower clarity grades due to the visible haziness or milkiness caused by the fluorescence.

Ultimately, the impact of fluorescence on a diamond's value is determined by its overall appearance to the eye. We at Rare Colors rarely touch a fluorescent stone unless its an impeccable color diamond that only has a benefit from it.