About Chameleon Diamonds

Chameleon diamonds are a unique and just as fun as you think! They are a natural diamond that exhibit a color-changing property, much like the reptile they are named after. When exposed to different light conditions or temperature changes, chameleon diamonds can change color, typically from green to yellow or from yellow to green. Even more special we have chameleons that change from green to orange & red!

The color-changing property of chameleon diamonds is possible by the diamond's crystal structure, which contains certain impurities and defects that cause the diamond to react to its environment. When a chameleon diamond is heated, for example, it can change color and then revert back to its original color when the heat source is removed.

Because of their rarity and color-changing property, chameleon diamonds are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts. Chameleon diamonds are typically found in smaller sizes mostly around 1 carat maybe 2 carat, finding, larger carat sizes is much more uncommon. They are often cut in fancy shapes, such as pear, oval, and cushion cuts, to showcase their unique color and maximize their beauty.

Chameleon diamonds are a fascinating and rare type of natural color diamond that offer a fun, unique and special addition to any jewelry collection.


Click to watch a video to see a diamond change colors!