Most Underrated Color Diamonds

Hands-down the most underrated fancy color diamonds are green and orange diamonds. The greens warm earthy tone just brings something so unique to every diamond. While orange diamonds have a fiery brilliance and edgy style effect. Dive into learning more about these cool color diamonds!

You rarely saw green diamonds in stores or even valued in the industry up until the engagement of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez. When she put a huge demand on the industry by her ring being a 8+ Carat Fancy Intense Yellowish Green Cushion Cut. Green Diamonds have taken the jewelry industry by a storm, here at Rare Colors we have nearly sold more green diamonds than pink diamonds this year. Which is a crazy statement to show how powerful the JLO effect is. Take a look at all are Amazing Green Diamond Rings and see what shade of green takes your breath away!

Jennifer lopez green diamond engagement ring


Besides the standard green diamonds there is a separate family of chameleon diamonds which I believe is an even bigger wonder of the world, since they change color! Personally, my favorite chameleons are the ones that change to a neon orange color when heat is present! Dive deeper into Chameleon Diamonds by reading the article here!

 1.51 chameleon diamond pear shape


Bringing us into the second most underrated color Orange Diamonds! GIA Orange diamonds with no secondary color present are extremely rare. More commonly found are yellowish orange diamonds and are more affordable than straight orange. Shop our selection of Orange Diamonds 

The largest orange diamond ever known is "The Orange" Sold at Christie's Auction House in 2013. This 14.82 Carat GIA Fancy Vivid Orange Pear Shape came with a letter from the Gemological Institute that this was the largest Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond in the history of their records. The Orange proceeded to sell for $37,947,690 Million. A rarity for history to remember. See The Orange below! 

 The Orange Diamond-Christies Auction 2013


Prior to The Orange, The Pumpkin Diamond which is a GIA Certified 5.54 Carat Fancy Vivid Orange held the title of the worlds largest orange diamond. Which was originally mined in Central Africa and was later purchased by Ronald Winston, the son of the founder of Harry Winston. Ronald Winston then had the diamond set into a ring, which he named the "Pumpkin Diamond Ring." The ring also features two shield-cut white diamonds on either side of the Pumpkin Diamond. The exact location of the Pumpkin Diamond's under private ownership rumored to have sold for more than $3 Million dollars in 2005.

The Pumpkin Orange Diamond- 5.54 Carats


Green & Orange Diamonds are perfect is you want a piece of jewelry that sparks some mystery and is certainly not the everyday collectors choice. Making it that much more special. See our special collection of these colors here. 

Most Underrated Color Diamonds
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